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Getting the Most Out of Windows 10 From The Windows Users

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As Microsoft recently announced at Ignite, Windows 10 now runs over more than 400 million devices around the world. Involving a typical desktop Pc and laptop to handheld devices like Lumia 950, Tablet and convertible bonds, and even game consoles XBOX. In July 2016, Microsoft‘s free upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 7 and Windows 8,  there is a huge gap between Microsoft 1 billion target withinfew years.

Some of the new functionality and interface of uncertainty has left many users to upgrade window 10 and want to go back to the original system. Windows 7, the most popular Windows operating system, the transition to Windows 10 could have some difficulty. Although Microsoft has been making every effort to make Windows 7 users are familiar with Windows 10, but there are a few key features and functions deviating from a previous version. But  Once you’re familiar with them, it‘s easy, we‘ll help you as soon as possible familar with the new version of Windows, you can make the most effective use about the operating system

Getting Started with Windows 10 for Windows 7 Users

Windows 10 is available client operating system.  Microsoft is committed to providing the operating system as a service, provide the  upgrade every two to three years. Since its launch in July 2015, Microsoft has released two major updates issued on August 1, 2016. The next major release currently in development—codenamed, Redstone 2—continues to refine Windows 10, while adding innovations focused on user education, new hardware technologies, services, apps, and security.

Logging On to Windows 10

The old username and/or password logon routine has been a familiar song and dance for Windows users for more than 20 years, dating back to Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 2000. Windows 10 still supports this username/password option but now it’s called a Local Account, because there is also a new way to log on. In Windows 10, the terminology used is signing in. This is because Windows 10 can utilize an email address tied to a Microsoft Account to authenticate on Windows. Examples of a Microsoft Account include addresses that use the,, or domains. Users in corporate environments can also use their work address to sign into Windows 10. Using a Microsoft Account to sign in is not required but strongly encouraged by Microsoft.



Microsoft account has many advantages, such as two-factor authentication, management, family time, synchronize other devices the personal files and settings from Windows app store to download applications and games.

There are several ways to log on to Windows 10, first , you can use conventional username and password and, second, a needle, Made up of four numbers, and easier toremember. Third, pictures code, click or touch the place where only the user knows the image. Finally, if there is a supported device, you can use the facerecognition technology from Microsoft (known as Hello Windows), loging on to the Windows 10.authentication

Windows 7 users will notice that Windows 10 interface is a bit different. It is more focused on the text and notification. This appearance is in 2012, Windows 8 design was introduced for the first time evolved from language. In the past five years, Microsoft‘s focus on refamiliar with the elements of the application window and additional keyboard and mouse support. Start menu including transparency, reminiscent of the Windows Vista Aero glass theme. Windows 10 also includes a lot of customization options.

After you log on to the Windows 10, with different Windows 7, Windows does not contain 10 sidebar gadget. Available in the sidebar gadget can function in the whole Windows 10 user interface, such as the start menu programs, various places on-demand access operations center task manager and inform.Unique small tools, such as CPU and memory monitor, for example, you can through the task manager performance TAB and provide your input/output performance of the system function of more detailed information.

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