Windows 10 key: when must I enter the serial number?

You will need to enter not always a key or a serial number during the installation of Windows 10 so that the operating system is activated. If you enter a key, although her it should not it may happen even that then later Windows 10 no longer enable allow. We show you when a key input is necessary, and when they are not.

Windows 10 key when must I enter the serial number.

Windows-10-key: When do I enter the serial number?

Important: Windows 10 also with old product keys of Windows 7 and 8 you can with latest updates installed (from build 10565) enable. Read about Windows 10 with an old key from Windows 7 and 8 enable – so let’s go.

To intuitively know when you will need to enter a key in the windows 10 installation, you have to understand how the Windows-10 activation works: If you have performed an upgrade of Windows 7 or Windows 8 for the first time on a PC, Windows 10 based on your installed hardware components created a PC identification number, the so-called machine ID. This is unique. The machine ID is transmitted to the Microsoft server and stored there. Then Windows 10 about the server is activated. You don’t see a Windows 10 key here.

If you installed later on the PC Windows 10 completely new, you need to enter more a key, because the operating system on the PC was already installed and enabled during installation. The Microsoft servers recognize so again sent machine ID, that this already exists and automatically activate Windows 10 after installation via the Internet.

If however you bought Windows 10 including enclosed key, then this must also be specified during the installation.

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Windows 10 Product key all Editions 2017
Windows 10 Home Product Key 2017
Windows 10 Activation Key 2017
Windows 10 Enterprise Product Key 2017

Windows 10 Professional Product Key

Microsoft is so different between the two types of Windows installation:

The usual version with product key
The variant in which you see no Windows-10-key – Microsoft calls them digital entitlement to: digital permission.

Windows 10: Here you have to enter a key

Windows 10 key when must I enter the serial number

In the following situations, you will need to enter no Windows-10-key. Skips the serial number input in these cases so if you will be asked during the installation:

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  • You’re doing an upgrade from Windows 7 or 8 on Windows 10.
  • You’re doing a complete reinstall (clean install) of Windows 10 – previously was Windows 10 per upgrade already
  • installed on the PC and enables.
  • You have purchased Windows 10 in the Windows store and want to install it.You installed the latest Windows-10 upgrade for the Insider version.