With Windows 10, Microsoft quietly changes the rules of activation

Windows 10 brings a significant change in the activation process of the Microsoft OS. Now, the activation status of Windows 10 for a device is stored online: once the OS has been activated, need product key, the device will be activated automatically when the following facilities.

This measure anti-piracy (pirated versions, so, with activation keys), “instituted discreetly” for fear of giving too much information to the pirates, windows 10 product key generator“is potentially a bad surprise for those who would like to perform a clean installation of Windows 10, without understanding the new rules of activation”, writes Ed Bott, specialist of the Microsoft OS, on ZDNet.com.

Licensed stored online and connected to the deviceWith Windows 10 Microsoft quietly changes the rules of activation

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How does the activation process? So far, the activation was based on one ID unique installation, based on the the hardware hash.

With Windows 7, 8 and 8.1, the ID identified the machine, but not the user – which allowed to reinstall the same edition of Windows on same hardware (and activate it automatically), with the same product key. On the other hand, it was not possible to use this key on a different machine with a different ID, which prevented any activation.

With Windows 10, Microsoft quietly changes the rules of activation
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“Windows 10 goes further,” notes Ed Bott. Thus, when the user installs Windows 10 from versions 7 or 8, the program checks its activation status, and announces the result to Microsoft servers. “If you’re authentic, i.e. activated, the activation of Windows Server generates a certificate (license) and stores online, in parallel with your installation ID.” He didn’t need a product key for activation, he needs just proof that your previous windows 10 pro activation key 64 bit was legitimate,”explains the expert.

The “product key” step can be “skipped”
To perform a clean installation, simply erase the hard drive, and reboot from installation media of Windows 10 (a USB key or an ISO, via “Media Creation Tool” file).

The installation program asks you “to enter a product key” – but, “major change”, it is possible to skip this step. “When you have finished reinstalling, assuming that you used the same version of Windows 10 on your equipment, you will find automatically activated”, says Ed Bott.

Windows specialist notes that the user can of course “buy a complete (an OEM) copy of Windows 10, windows 10 pro product key 2017, as well as online product key to perform a clean installation on a different device”.

At the same time to ensure that your OS is enabled, press the Windows key and the letter X, and then click “system”. In the page that appears, under the “Windows activation” line, the mention “Windows is activated” should normally be included.